Thoroughly unique experiences,
the first of their kind.

Writers' Conferences & Retreats

Combined with Tours

Learn from Successful Authors & Editors and
Become the best you can be.

Take an unforgettable journey that can be your springboard
to a successful career as an author. 

On this inspirational pilgrimage to the land of myth, mystery and magic, you can embrace opportunities to enrich your writing, meet like-minded individuals, and realize your creative dreams.

Your tour package will include private consultations, group classes, workshops, and individual attention aimed at your personal needs. 

In between those classes and workshops, you’ll have all-day or partial-day tours with a professional guide of the most famous, infamous, well-known, and hidden sites in the west of Ireland. From cliffs that soar 700 feet above the Atlantic, to a 12th century castle, to the forest said to be home of the King of the Faeries of Connaught, to the prehistoric dun fort on the island of Inis Mor . . . and that’s just a few of the beautiful places you’ll visit. After these busy tour and writing days, you can have leisurely evening meals with other writers, listen to stories before a fire, or just cozy up with a book.

2019 will be our fifth year of Ireland Writer Tours, and we're looking forward to more enlightening and inspiring workshops in two new and exciting Conference/Tours: 

Writing Craft & Productivity
23 June - 30 June 2019


Writing Craft & Marketing
7-14 July 2019

Each of these retreats will be a completely unique and exciting experience for writers at all levels. And each will be geared toward helping participants achieve different goals.

Do you struggle with finding time to write? Do you need to feel “inspired” before words can materialize on the page? Polish your writing style while learning the secrets of productivity from two authors who became prolific enough to quit their day-jobs! If you'd like to learn how you can make writing a full-time career, this is the retreat you're looking for. Click on the Writing Craft & Productivity tab above to find out more.

Are you looking for specific craft-related workshops that will teach you to create a compelling plot, and how to develop characters that stay with readers even after they finish your book?  How about learning powerful business techniques from an agent so you can market that manuscript as well as plan a successful course for your writing career? If so, then Writing Craft & Marketing is exactly what you want. Click on the tab above to find out more.

These aren't the kind of tours where you board a giant bus at an ugly-early hour to visit a crowded site with thirty-five strangers. To ensure individualized attention and a friendly atmosphere, each of these Writers’ Retreats are limited to twelve to fifteen participants. Keep an eye on our 'More Bits' page for regular updates, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news and gossip.

For further information click on the tabs above, and if you think you'd like to make a reservation, click on the 'Contact' tab.

Come visit The Road Less Traveled and let the land that inspired William Butler Yeats, Anne Enright, Oscar Wilde, Roddy Doyle, C.S.Lewis and John Banville . . . inspire you.