Writing & Yoga - 24 June - 1 July 2018

East meets west in this immersive week of spiritual journeying and journaling. Your guides are a yogini and shaman, as well as a druid with years of channelled writing experience. You’ll also learn the ancient art of divination, and have a personal healing consultation with a gifted homeopath.

If you want to learn how to create time to write and find ways to overcome writer’s block once and for all, while undertaking a spiritual quest, this retreat is what you’re looking for.

June 24 through July 1, 2018
Spiritual Writing Retreat with Tours of Counties Galway, Mayo & Clare

with your instructors:
Yogini & Tibetan Shaman

Katheryn Helms is a shaman who brings joy and healing to the mat. A yoga practitioner for forty years, with twenty years of teaching experience, her personalized attention to students and warm, engaging teaching style make yoga accessible for anyone.

Initiated as a shaman into the Tibetan Ghang Selmo Lhamo lineage, Katheryn sees the energetic anatomy and flow of her students, using physical adjustments and channeling healing energies to support their re-alignment and release. In each class experienced participants are given opportunities to practice more deeply, while newcomers are guided fully. Laughter during the process is always encouraged.

To learn more about Katheryn, visit her webpage at katherynhelms.com.


Irish Druid & Tour Guide

Fiona Claire is a druid, a writer, and a professional tour guide based in the west of Ireland. For over thirteen years, she has followed the druid path completing the full course of study and initiation with the Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids, as well as independent courses in Celtic and Western Spirituality. She is a writer of both fiction and non-fiction. As a journalist, she has covered historical and archaeological stories, and interviewed numerous historians and authorities on Irish folklore, myth and tradition. As a druid, Fiona celebrates a profound connection with the world of Nature, studies the ancient wisdom of her Celtic ancestors, and joyously shares what she has learned.

To find out more about Fiona, visit her webpage at: http://www.fiona-claire.com/


Hebridean Dowser & Homeopath

Sophie is a dowser who uses divination to find and cure stressed energy in homes and workplaces. The ancient art of dowsing can be used to find everything from underground water to hidden vortices. As a teenager, Sophie was taught to dowse for health by a local healer on the Isle of Mull, the Hebridean island where she grew up. Since then, she has evolved her own style and methods. She now teaches this amazing spiritual tool so that others may heal the energy around themselves, and thus open the way for miracles to happen.

Sophie is also a registered homeopath with the Irish Society of Homeopaths, and has been using natural remedies for over ten years to help people heal a wide range of physical, mental and emotional issues.

During the tour, Sophie will provide participants with their own copper dowsing rods and teach them how to use the rods to dowse their personal space at home, or, indeed, anywhere. She’ll also be giving individual short healing consultations to each participant.

This writers’ tour is a spiritual pilgrimage combined with writing workshops. It’s designed to guide participants, at any stage in their writing careers, to become stronger writers through yoga and meditation, ritual, myth and story, and awakening personal awareness, all while exploring the living power and beauty of ancient Irish locations.

Begin your day with a yoga practice, and absorb the Celtic twilight with an evening druidic ritual. In between these spiritual practices, you’ll visit medieval abbeys and haunted castles, meditate within ancient stone circles, anoint yourself at a healing holy well, learn the myth and legend of both Tibet and Ireland and commune with nature spirits in faerie forests made famous by W.B.Yeats, Lady Gregory, and Bob Curran. You’ll be embraced by the Celtic goddesses of the landscape, while learning Yogic goddess traditions.

Ireland’s wild landscapes have an elemental and transformative effect on the human imagination. When combined with a series of automatic writing exercises that help you develop your claircognizance, as well as learning ways to create your own writing rituals, this week in Ireland will empower you to write from your soul.

Your conference and tour base will be a tiny village in the west of Ireland. This tranquil setting is home to quite a few artists, musicians and writers because of its inspiring atmosphere. The peace and dramatic beauty of the area can have a profound effect on your writing. At the same time, you'll be touring throughout the western half of the country to the varied sights listed below. 
Our Tour begins at 2:00pm with a shuttle pick up in Galway City
Participants are whisked away to the hotel where they can freshen up before -
  • Our opening circle where you can set your intentions for the week
  • Then we’ll enjoy a tour of a 14th Century Abbey, the best-preserved ruin of its type
  • Evening - Back to your hotel for a brief rest before the welcoming banquet and a bit of authentic Irish storytelling.

Morning yoga and meditation 
Followed by tours of -
  • Largest lake in the Republic of Ireland (with excellent vortex energy)
  • 12th Century Castle 
  • Lunch in a Quaint Old Village with loads of history and legend 
  • 7th Century Abbey 
  • A walk through a grove of primordial yew trees, once sacred to the druids 
  • Nature ritual at a forest grotto 
  • A hike though a faerie forest to a cave with eerie true stories 
We’ll return to our hotel where you may wish to have dinner and possibly a brief nap.
In the evening, we’ll have a druid ritual at an Ancient Stone Circle. 
  • Morning yoga and meditation
  • A writing conference day with a spiritual bent, including automatic writing exercises to help develop your claircognizance abilities, inspired writing, timed writing, and “scripting” your writing schedule.
  • Lunch break
  • Late afternoon hike through the forest said to be home to the King of the Faeries of Connacht
  • Ban Jankhrini - Tibetan inspired shamanic forest journeying 
  • Evening - a trip to Galway City for dinner, followed by traditional Irish music and a pub crawl

Morning circle – setting your intention for the day and the magic you would have unfold.
A full day of touring to -
  • Tallest round tower in existence (circa 7th century) 
  • Beautiful bay with picturesque sailboats and currachs 
  • A castle featured in so many photos, you’re sure to recognize it! 
  • The Burren
  • The most famous dolmen in Ireland, a burial site of ancient king
  • Charming seaside village famous for its homemade fudge 
  • Cliffs of Moher - possibly the most photographed and breath-taking scenery in Ireland
  • Morning yoga and meditation
  • Half day of classes and workshops to teach you the art of divination and dowsing, learning to find energy vortexes and heal your own energy and that of your home.
  • Break for lunch
  • Afternoon – Individual healing consultations with intuitive healer and homeopath.
  • Evening - Dinner at a 15th century haunted castle
The day begins with a ferry ride to Inis Mór, the largest Aran Island off the coast of Galway.
Once there, you’ll have the option to spend time in solitude on this beautiful, remote island, exploring the thin places between this realm and the next. Or, you may wish to take a guided tour. Highlights of the island include Dún Aengus, the prehistoric ring fort perched on cliffs high above the ocean; 7th century church; a seal colony, inspiration of the selkie legend; and, of course, the famous Aran handknit sweaters (available on the island at a greatly reduced price).

Before our return trip to the mainland, we’ll have a healing ritual by the sea.
  • Morning yoga and meditation.
    Writing sessions at a lakeside lodge on the largest lake in the Republic, with excursions out to the lake for inspiration. 
  • After lunch, we’ll tour part of Connemara, including a holy well famous for its healing qualities; and visit yet another castle.
  • Evening – Closing ritual

We say our good-byes and the shuttle returns you to Galway station

*In addition to yoga, this tour involves walking and a bit of low climbing 

 This retreat/tour will be limited to twelve participants, and will be tailored to the needs of those participants to ensure individual attention.